[Interview]: Fast rising artist 'Maupheen' talks about his life journey and the meaning of his stage name

Hi, my name is Jay, below is the interview I had with the winner of Olamide's Who You Epp Compition, with the stage name Maupheen aka the Lyrical Monopolist. Sure you don't want to miss out!
  • Jay:-Good day Maupheen LatestzVilla is glad to have you.
  • Maupheen:-nice! Appreciate!
  • Jay:-so legend, we have been hearing Maupheen! Maupheen!! I guess we should start by knowing who this Maupheen is, I mean your name, where your from, and so on.
  • Maupheen:-My name is Bitrus Ishaya, from Yola north local government, Adamawa state.
  • Jay:- Ok thats nice... we heard your hit track Coronation, which has been shaking every corner in town, where you've been mentioning Age24, can you tell us your relationship with them ?
  • Maupheen:-Thanks! well Age24 is the record label I signed a deal with on the 14th day of April 2018. And we are currently working on projects that will surely be a global wave, with God on our side.

  • Jay:-wow! That's interesting! you know, some may be hearing of Age24 for the first time, can you tell us a little about Age24 ?
  • Maupheen:- Age24 records is actually under Age24 global resources. The company also has construction company under it, we also also do real estate, also the oil sector i.e Age24 oils Nigeria limited. The company is owned by Mr. Eghosa, who is based in spain, and he is also a FIFA official.
  • Jay:-shhhhh! I must confess am really surprised, Maupheen you're really heading to the top. Congrats!
  • Maupheen:- Amen! I believe that. Bless!
  • Jay:-Ok, let me take us back a little, tell us about your education.
  • Maupheen:-Lol! I did my kindergarten and primary education at E.Y.N Jimeta Academy After graduating from primary school I got a scholarship admission into, E.Y.N comprehensive high school  where I completed my secondary school. After graduating from E.Y.N comprehensive high school, I got an admission into college for legal studies to study Common Law. But, unfortunately, I had to drop out of the college, the day I was to write my final exam, clashed with the same schedule for the Olamide's who you Epp competition. Of which I had to choose between the two. Trust me, I was in dilemma it was a really hard situation. 
  • Jay:-Yea! I can imagine that, it was a kinda confusing. Like really this man is very intelligent, or is that why people need a dictionary inorder to understand some of your punchlines ? Lol!...
  • Maupheen:-Lol! Not at all, you don't necessarily need a dictionary to understand my bars on every song i put out, I always try as much as i can to relate to a layman on the streets. If you carefully listen to Prime timeThe Rise and Coronation  you can tell that I relate to a normal street person. I do music for the people, there's no point being an artist if they can't actually relate and understand the things I say in my songs.
  • Jay:-Yea! You're right. I really love the way you pass out information to people out there, your music really inspires!
  • Maupheen:-Appreciate! You know in the long run, all we got is ourselves, so we gotta motivate and inspire one another, that's how we stay strong and make the world a better place.
  • Jay:-Yea! Sure! But really your pattern of music is a kinda unique, lets have you react to that.
  • Maupheen:-Actually, that's is so true. You know, music has really evolved lately, most artists gets the whole thing wrong, you have a high tendency of standing the taste of time in the music scene when you have a unique style that has no replicant. And trust me, the world is yet to hear the best of me. I was born for greatness and so far, God has proven that to me !
  • Jay:-Yea! Yea! You're really right , I like your motive. You gat the key to success. Well done maupheen.
  • Maupheen:-Thank you!
  • Jay:-Ok lets look at the Olamide's who You Epp Competition, do you think it has helped you in attaining this greater height ?
  • Maupheen:-sure it actually played a massive role in my career, and it still is.
  • Jay:-Ok! so how do you see your self in the Next 2years ?
  • Maupheen:-Global! Gone global two years from now!! So much believe in God and also in myself, that keeps me optimistic. 
  • Jay:-Sure man! I love your spirit.
  • Maupheen:-Gracias!!
  • Jay:-mmmm! What should we be expecting from you, Is there anything you are cooking? 
  • Maupheen:-For sure Jay! I'm currently working on my debut E.P which I will soon put out the details to my fans out there, It's really gon' be Epic! But meanwhile, I have something to put out pretty soon, while I'm rounding up the E.P.
  • Jay:-okay, that's nice we're anticipating. So lastly tell us about the name maupheen.
  • Maupheen:-I got the name "Maupheen" from MORPHINE  its a Pain killer drug, just styled the spelling to stay unique. What actually inspired the name was the fact that I/people view my music as a pain killer, I motivate my listeners and funny enough, I on the other hand also get inspired.
  • Jay:-wow! Everything about you is really unique. More grace bro.
  • Maupheen:-Amen! Thanks! !
  • Jay:-you're welcome. Thank you very much maupheen, for your time. Wish you success in your music career and that of your life endeavours.
  • Maupheen:-Thanks bro! I'm really grateful! We will win!
  • Jay:-Yoh! Issa sure thing. Nagode!

Maupheen's social media handles:-
  Facebook:-@Maupheen Ishaya Audu

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