[Interview]: Fuck Award Hit Maker, "Midnite" Explain to fans why he couldn't make it to Burna Boy' management interview and many more.

Midnite interview
  Good day, on today's segment of the interview, I've got Midnite the C.E.O of Unicorn Empire and also an Afropop and HipHop artist, we are gonna discuss on alot! sure you don't wanna miss out!!
Midnite interview
Sparky:-Good day midnite glad to have you.


Sparky:-So midnite lets start by knowing your real name. What's your name?

Midnite:-Allison Alavri shalangwa

Sparky:-Ok.. that's nice! But Midnite! Midnite! Midnite! all over, whats the brain behind this name, What does it mean?

Midnite:-Lol! I was born at the Middle of the night

Sparky:-Lol... sure! So can you please tell us where your from? Many might be wondering you know

Midnite:-My dad is from Maiduguri and my mum is from taraba, So am from Maiduguri but I can also claim Adamawa  too because some of my dad tribe are based in Garkida.

Sparky:-Wow.. cool! Tell us a little about your education
    Midnite:-Am a diploma holder in crime management prevention and control.
      Sparky:-that's good to know, but where did you study that?
        Midnite:-some years back at state poly Yola (Spy)
        Sparky:-okay! before we go further let me take us back a little, your primary and secondary school, tell us something about that
        Midnite:-I did my primary school at fed. Poly mubi and my secondary school at redemption Anglican Academy.
          Sparky:-Ok... enough of you! You! You! lets talk about your music career. What inspired you to music?
            Midnite:-I grew up to find music at home, My Dad was a choir master
              Sparky:- Wow! No wonder.. lol!
                Midnite:- And my sister jontee was best female artist here in yola years back under quest media under the management of timawos Mathias and uncle sem rich the C.E.O of grand icon label
                  Sparky:- Wow! Music is in the blood!
                    Midnite:-For sure!
                      Sparky:- But your pattern of music is a kinda different from others
                        Midnite:-yeh I choose to be unique with this pattern of mine because, I don't want my music to be heard in the north alone but rather I want it to cross borders
                        Sparky:- oooh! that's nice.. Mmmm you know is good to be different from others. Personally i love your pattern of music
                        Midnite:- Thanks!
                          Sparky:- Okay, Talking about your sis jontee I know everyone out there is waiting to hear your collaboration together. So, should we wait for that?
                            Midnite:- well I don't know the future but that might be possible
                              Sparky:- Ok... So! apart from Music is there anything you are doing, I mean since you are a graduate you should have something doing, A job
                                Midnite:- yeh I do have something doing apart from Music
                                  Sparky:- Tell us more what Job do you do ???
                                    Midnite:- Let's not go far but any one that wanna buy airline ticket let him halla me air airline is on deck any moment
                                    • Sparky:- Ok... Your debut single "Hold You" has been shaking every corner lately, the video was lit you know. Tell us more about that project.
                                    • Midnite:- it was a one week something, the audio was Mixed and Mastered by TinoSax, so I released the audio but afterwards my Management saw the need to do a video and that was how we did the video successfully as directed by Dj MJ World, he is the brain behind the success of that video, all credits goes to him so, we thank God for Everything.
                                    • Sparky:- Yeh... but knowing fully well that you are the C.E.O of Unicorn Empire, do you have another person managing you, because I just heard you said your management.
                                    • Midnite:- yeh I have. For me being the G C O N of unicorn empire that those not mean I will not alowe some to manager I have to have a manager because when am out for my boys he will be out for me too Because I can't manage my self at a time and also manager ma boys, What if a call come In and the say we need the manager of unicorn empire in Las Vegas today And also at that time  a call come in again and the say we need the manager of Midnite at California what will i do
                                    • Sparky:- lol! Yes your are correct so, what's the name of the label?
                                    • Midnite:-Sound Empire Music
                                    Midnite interview
                                    • Sparky:- Ok... that's great
                                    • Midnite:- yeah. Thanks!
                                    • Sparky:- There is this romour about you and Burna boy' management. Is there anything between you?
                                    • Midnite:-yeah
                                    • Sparky:- tell us a little about that.
                                    • Midnite:- Its all happened before burna boy's show which took place recently, his manager saw my video on whatsApp so he called me to meet him the following day for an interview, because he thought I was in Lagos But I had to explain things to him telling him am based in adamawa and its a long distance to catch up to the schedule he gave me.
                                    • Sparky:- Ooo... Ooo... so mmm... Midnite, is there anything big we should Anticipate from you soon?
                                    • Midnite:- Fuck Award2 is coming soon!
                                    Midnite interview
                                    • Sparky:- Ok... but do you think we should Anticipate something from you and burna boy management? At least now that you have their connection.
                                    • Midnite:- No one can tell the future. You Know..
                                    • Sparky:- Yes but do you think That will be possible? 
                                    • Midnite:- leave that for God 
                                    • Sparky:- Yeh sure! So lastly Midnite what do you have to say to your fellow artists out there?
                                    • Midnite:- My word for them is to work hard and also practice hard, Let them always put a message in their lyrics and stay focused because they are in the state where by the industry don't know upcoming artist
                                    • Sparky:- yeh sure!
                                    • Midnite:- So let work hard cus the pipu  leading the industry are all corrupt
                                    • Sparky:- Mmm... 
                                    • Midnite:- drugs is not music 
                                    • Sparky:- But Why do you want to do Fuck Award for the second time?
                                    • Midnite:- Is a program that I have start so I have to finish it. Fuck Award!! Is only in Adamawa that Award is being sold.
                                    • Sparky:- Mmmm... ok so, Thank you very much Midnite for honouring our invitation, it was a great time with you. We really do appreciate.
                                    • Midnite:- yeah thanks bro...
                                    • Sparky:- its mah pleasure!

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